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Advancing Forward

We want to help your firm advance amid this crisis! We truly want to help as many firms and their staff as we can to continue offering excellent service and experience to their clients through all things, even the challenging ones! 

The below resources are being offered free of charge to help you advance forward. Simply enter your email and we’ll grant you instant access! 

Telecommuting Policy for Your Firm

Do you have a physical copy of a policy for your firm yet?  If the answer is no, then you need to NOW!  You need to clarify and outline what is expected of your staff during the time that they work from home in order to maintain expectations, productivity, safety and understanding for your staff so that your firm continues to move forward during this time. 

Ways Attorneys Can Help and Market to Local Care Homes

Looking for ways to marketing and stay top of mind in your community?? Then you’ll want to download this FREE memo of ideas that will keep your referral sources close in this time of social distancing. 

Ways to Help Facilities or a Loved one in a Nursing Home

More than ever, you and your clients loved ones need support.  Most facilities are no longer taking visitors for the safety of their residents, but that does not mean support can’t continue.  It just takes a little creativity!  Here we provide a list of ideas and suggestions that you can use to support your clients, their families and yours!

Circle of Influence

Everyone keeps saying “stay healthy,” but are you actually taking measures to do so? A personal connection with a wellness coach provided us the opportunity to share this “Circle of Influence” guide that walks you through the process of building up your immune system, along with keeping you and those around you healthy. 

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

These are the FFCRA details from the US Department of Labor that are in effect from April 1st, 2020 through December 31st, 2020.  This covers paid leave entitlements, eligible employees, qualifying reasons and enforcement of the Act so make sure your bases are covered!