Silver Membership for Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys

Let me ask you…

  • Have you been looking for something to boost your revenues? You know you could use some help, but you don’t know for what.
  • Do you wish that you could consult with other like-minded elder law and estate planning attorneys – who weren’t your competition?
  • Have you heard of coaching programs for attorneys, but are skeptical and maybe don’t even know what a coach is?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Million Dollar Solution’s Silver membership is for you!

It’s easy to get started. You’ll receive the full benefits of our Silver Membership on topics, such as:

  • Marketing & Seminars
  • Office Procedures
  • Hiring & Employee Management
  • Attracting Better Clients

PLUS our Fast Track Guide which includes online digital video and audio media has a value of over $1,500 and it’s yours to keep. 

You can cancel at any time for future months – or you may decide that you’d like to join at a higher level of membership, for personal coaching time with Julie Steinbacher and her talented team.

We’ve developed this membership to ease you into discovering a whole new world – our world of million dollar solutions to implement at your office on your time! 

Our Silver membership offers you:

  • 30-minute intro session with Director or Operations, Dominic Loffredo

Group Collaborations

  • Monthly Conversion Conversation Updates
  • MDS Quarterly Coaching Events
  • Monthly Executive Director Coaching Zooms
  • Quarterly Spark Meetings

Access To

  • MDS Membership website
  • Includes marketing tools, recording of coaching calls, seminars, human resources best practices, and more!
  • In-person and virtual MDS events
  • Listing on Planning& to increase your online presence
  • Invitation and discounted admission to Dementia Focused Practice® Conference

Membership Questions:

We are glad to answer any questions you may have.  Please schedule a call discuss our memberships.  SCHEDULE A CALL!

Enroll Today!