Mastermind Membership

For Attorneys Desiring Greater Growth, Accountability & Success

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.

~Pete Carroll

Mastermind Membership

  • Coaching with Julie Steinbacher
  • Includes Dementia Focused Practice® Materials & Resources
  • Includes The League membership level

Coaching Sessions

  • 60-minute private coaching session per month
  • Annual coaching/shadow day (in-person or remote)
  • Monthly Gold/Mastermind meeting with Attorney Q&A

Group Collaborations

  • Monthly Conversion Conversation Updates
  • MDS Quarterly Coaching Events
  • Monthly Executive Director Coaching Zooms
  • Quarterly Spark Meetings
  • Group Mastermind session (3 virtual, 1 in-person)

Access To

  • MDS Membership website
  • Includes marketing tools, recording of coaching calls, seminars, human resources best practices, and more!
  • In-person and virtual MDS events
  • Listing on Planning& to increase your online presence
  • Invitation and discounted admission to Dementia Focused Practice Conference

Dementia Focused Practice®Dementia-Focused-Practice®

With the Dementia Focused Practice® (DFP) approach, firms are dedicated to helping people with dementia and their loved ones navigate through all stages of the disease process by ensuring that they have access to the appropriate legal, medical and social services, as well as support. We are here to help elder law and estate planning attorneys across the country to achieve the practices and lives they desire. We share what works and doesn’t work to help build million dollar practices.

  • Our DFP Materials & Resources include but not limited to:
    • Dementia Focused Training Modules
    • Dementia Focused Marketing
    • Dementia Focused Job Descriptions
    • Dementia Focused related certifications & training
    • Monthly Dementia Focused Practice® calls with like-minded Dementia Focused Attorney’s and staff!!
    • Exclusive rights for webinars in partnership with the Dementia Society of America
  • Discounted admission to all DFP conferences & events

The League

Coaching Sessions

  • One 60-minute call with Julie Steinbacher per year​
  • 3 Hot Seat Sessions (quarterly spaced out with Immersion Experiences)​
  • 4 Immersion Experiences​

Access To

  • 2 times per month response to your accountability email​
  • Discounted recruiting and hiring expertise with Dominic Loffredo​
  • Financial Analyst Consultant, Cortney Steinbacher for a review of your financial processes​
  • MDS membership site​
  • Chunk IT!, Proven Marketing that Works, and Partnerships with Outstanding vendors​

Immersion Experiences | The League

  • Immersion 1 – In-person​
    • Extraordinary Entrepreneur Experience Lifestyle
  • Immersion 2 – In-person or Virtual​
    • Management / Workflow
  • Immersion 3 – Virtual Only​
    • Webinar Results & Strategy
  • Immersion 4 – Virtual Only
    • Conversions/Marketing/Money

Membership Questions:

We are glad to answer any questions you may have.  Please schedule a call discuss our memberships.