Kolbe Hiring Plus Solution Package


Hiring Plus will enable you to statistically maximize your hiring odds PLUS provide the additional analysis of how a candidate will impact the team’s productivity. The supervisor will complete a Kolbe C™ Index on the position they are hiring for. If deemed necessary, other evaluators may also complete a Kolbe C™ Index. High performers may also complete Kolbe A™ Indexes.

Once the correct Indexes are completed, the RightFit™ and Range of Success™ reports are generated. All future candidates should complete a Kolbe A™ Index and it will be “scored” to determine how they will naturally compare to the position they are being considered for with all results being on the Candidate Report. We will also create the team Productivity Chart so you will be able to analyze the impact the candidate has on the team productivity. All team members must have successfully completed their respective Kolbe A™ Index for the Productivity Chart to be created and used in the analysis.